Babies like to put things in their mouths. They like to munch, bite, and chew their toys. To understand why they like doing so, you need to learn about the teething process. This is a process that most parents wait eagerly for but secretly dread. 

Anywhere from a baby’s few months of age through to his/her first year, he/she is often teething. Most people believe that babies are teething when they start drooling. You will often find parents rubbing their hands along their baby’s gums, feeling for newly emerging teeth. This is the time when they give their babies teethers. 

What is a Baby Teether?

This is a type of toy that a baby can put into his/her mouth when new teeth start developing. Babies get some relief and comfort when they chew on teethers. This is because tender gums feel better thanks to the application of light pressure. 

Find a Baby Teether at OYOY Living Design

If you are looking to purchase a high-quality teether for your baby, OYOY Living Design is a good place to look. Our company offers a wide range of accessories for kids and adults, as well as the homes they live in. We offer shipping to countries in Europe. 

Every baby has different preferences, just like adults. Therefore, the type of toys or accessories one baby likes might be quite different from the type of toys another baby likes. Fortunately, we at OYOY Living Design offer five kinds of baby teethers for kids to choose from

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