ARTICLE // Agrin Rezgi-Parikka


Ideas arise and dreams can come true. In Finland, Agrin has taken the courage to pursue a dream and build her own business. The courage may have come after receiving a lot of positive responses on her Instagram profile. There is no doubt that Agrin's followers are fascinated by her images, style, and way of decorating.

Agrin is 35 years old and lives near Turku, Finland, in a house from the 1990s in the middle of the beautiful landscape and nature. The family includes Agrin, her husband Jarkko, their son Alexander, 6, and daughter Vivien, 3. Until recently, she worked as a manager in a restaurant, but she is currently in the process of starting her own children's concept store. One of her biggest dreams is to write and illustrate her own children's book in the future. 

We got to know Agrin through Instagram, where her beautiful and inspiring photos have caught our attention, just as we enjoy seeing her way of including OYOY designs in her home.

Agrin describes her style in the decor as a mix of Scandinavian and boho. She also uses the words: laid-back, feminine, and elegant. 

She mostly finds inspiration in Nordic nature. Earthy colors and plants are an important aspect of her decorating. Agrin also highlights Pinterest as a favorite place to find inspiration. She decorates with earthy, natural colors like different shades of brown, green and blush. Lately, the color lavender has become one of her new favorites and Agrin thinks the color is so beautiful. She prefers these colors because they are down to earth and timeless. They create a sense of calm and serenity.

Agrin gives an insight into how she uses new designs, old classics and recycling in her interior design: “I use them all. I prefer to invest in my furniture, by choosing quality, buying timeless and durable designs. Regardless of this, old classics are also a part of my decor and I also love buying recycled”.

Agrin's next project is that she plans to create a "gallery wall" from their family's summer with pictures of all the good memories.


In relation to Christmas traditions, Agrin loves to decorate the Christmas tree during the holiday season with her family. This is also a tradition she remembers from her own childhood. More specifically, each of her siblings in childhood chose a new Christmas ornament each year and placed it on the Christmas tree. In this way, the ornaments represented a particular Christmas and a particular year. Agrin has continued this tradition with her own children.

Every year at Christmas time, Agrin makes an Elfs door for her children, which also serves as an Advent calendar. She places new details and a gift or a task that her children must perform at the door. With this tradition, Agrin's goal is to create a sense of a magical Christmas for her children so they can have beautiful memories. Another important tradition for her is to have matching pajamas for the whole family. Alexander and Vivien are always looking forward to it and love it so much.

As with everyone else, Covid-19 has also had an impact on Agrin's life and her family's priorities during the pandemic. Agrin looks forward to travelling with her family and going to live concerts and dancing with her sister and friends. Post-lockdown life includes offering her children a more sociable and active lifestyle, like the one that existed before the pandemic.

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